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Md. Matin Ahmed

Founder Chairperson and CEO
Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh.
1st time I was doing something for English Communication and Computer Skills for the all age’s people of our communities under the organization of Serve the Society to Introduce Tomorrow (ssit). I innovated a unique hands-on course named English Smart Course (E.S.C.) for Students, Teachers, and Jobseekers as well as any age’s interested people for developing themselves and to make them fit for the present and up coming world. This program made a great change in the society especially for unemployment problems. From 2001 to June, 2013 more then eleven thousand learners taken this course and now they are established in their different sectors. Students are taking higher education in English speaking countries. Due to English, IT and Smartness most of the Graduates didn’t get the job before but now they are doing job happily. In 2003 I got Ashoka Fellowship for the above 1st work.

2nd time I was thinking that if I want to make a real solution of this problem, I need to start something anew from the grass root level. Even drop out is the main problem for primary Education and I need protect it by a change making ideas. As they will lead our future country so we need them make fit for the future. So today save our child ; tomorrow our child will save us. In 2004 I established a school which is the great remade for this kind of further problems. My school’s students seek admission only in the class one and step by step in the class five they complete 5 years Primary Graduation. Now it is 2012 and my students earned a healthy name and fame by their outstanding results. Primary scholarship examination of 2011 my two female students got 1st and 2nd position in the District. I made a self syllabus with the combination of government syllabus. My innovating primary program carries million dollar secret. This school name is North South School of Primary Graduation (NSSPG).In 2004 is a red letter day in the history of Bngladesh for introducing primary graduation program 1st time in Bangladesh. North South School of Primary Graduation (NSSPG) is a primary level school but it is quite different from other primary level schools.

. North South School of Primary Graduation (NSSPG) is a primary level school but it is quite different from other primary level schools. This school has some uncommon subjects like Communicative English, Moral Science, Information Technology & Global Information, Presentation skills and so many life-skill development courses under English Smart Course (E.S.C.) North South School of Primary Graduation has Million Dollar secret by which we are providing worldwide technique of innovating Education.
Children aged four to six can seek admission only in one class (1st year P.G.) once in a year by an interview. Children who are not eligible for 1styear P.G. can seek admission in Pre 1st year as one year foundation course. There are some terms and conditions which should be obeyed by the student’s guardians. After admission of the students we provide child care training for the guardians of the students free of cost.
Duration of primary graduation course is five years. After taking admission no student can leave the school before completion of primary graduation except any unavoidable circumstances. NSSPG does not allow any student coming from other institutions on the basis of transfer Certificate. Students coming from abroad and English medium schools